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As a business owner or manager you have enough to worry about. Worrying about your technology devices shouldn’t be hindering you doing your job.

At Tech Support Jacksonville (TSJ) we specialize in all things related to computer networks and the many devices required to run a business. We provide computer network solutions to the small and medium size businesses in the Jacksonville Florida and surrounding areas.

Mike Best - Owner - Tech Support Jacksonville

Mike Best – Owner – Tech Support Jacksonville

Our highly trained I.T. specialists are trained in designing, implementing and maintaining computer networks. We work and partner with vendors to industry leading computer and networking equipment and internet providers to ensure our specialists have the right tools and knowledge for today’s demanding computer networks.

Operating in the Jacksonville Florida area since 2003, Michael Best president and founder of Tech Support Jacksonville and MyGlobalHost has been providing I.T. services to PC users and businesses in the Jacksonville Florida metro area. Our goal is to give personal timely service in our areas of expertise in a professional and cost-effective manner.

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Jermaine Wilson Tech Support Jacksonville

Jermaine Wilson Vice-President / Senior IT Network Engineer

Jermaine Wilson

Vice-President and the Senior IT Network Engineer

As Vice-President and the Senior IT Network Engineer. Jermain supports and coordinates service delivery for MyGlobalHost Inc. clients and Tech Support Jacksonville clients.

A highly regarded customer specialist, Jermaine’s skills are highly regarded within the industry and he brings distinctive marketing and customer service skills to the team. He has been staffed with IBM, Hewlett Packard and EDS over the last 11 years while servicing the Bellsouth / AT&T contract merger. During that time Jermaine serviced over 2000 clients for disaster recovery, troubleshooting, new equipment delivery and all related IT services. He obtained his IT accreditation on board US NAVY submarines while proudly serving active duty for nearly 10 years.

Jermaine is a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist and is currently working toward his Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering, with a focus in Network Security. Jermaine’s expertise includes client server installation and maintenance, advanced computer hardware/software, and network support. This includes server infrastructure and design, Active Directory, Terminal Server, Domain Migrations, Backup Solutions, as well as Disaster Recovery.